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August 2020

Thoughts on curriculum

Fresh thoughts prompted by protests The protests connected with the Black Lives Matter have prompted us all to reflect [...]

May 2020

Some more thoughts on assessment

I have updated the text on assessment to include themes such as the importance of feedback and a statement of [...]

April 2020

Learning and life processes

  Here are two articles that Martyn published recently on learning and the life processes (they were referred to in [...]

March 2020

Digital Waldorf

Doing the same things digitally is different! Re-thinking learning-online through an online Elewa course Digital Waldorf: cooperative, creative, collegial Dear [...]

January 2019

My letter to the Guardian

...and to Zoe Williams in response to her article on 18th January 2019  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/18/steiner-free-school-michael-gove? Dear Ms. Williams, since there [...]

November 2018

Pedagogical feedback culture

I’ve just returned from a very interesting meeting with upper school teachers from various UK Waldorf schools. We met at [...]

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